Raimee Sorensen, Farmer

Raimee is a young farmer and musician, and the co-founder of Blawesome. Raimee brings the spirit of Blawesome to life through his years of experience volunteering on community farms in and around Orange County, NC. He has a joyful energy and is committed to being an agent of positive change in the world. When he is not in the garden, Raimee enjoys watching Hayao Miyazaki films, writing stories, and hanging out with the crew at Reality Ministries. His favorite flowers are zinnias. His Patronus is an elk.


Rebecca Sorensen, MSW

Rebecca Sorensen is the co-founder of Blawesome and the mother of three beautiful children. Rebecca has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 18 years and currently works as a Community Development Consultant; organizing and implementing unique community initiatives to serve adults living with I/DD. The focus of her work is on using natural interactions and processes to promote a meaningful and intentional human experience. Her favorite flowers are daisies. Her Patronus is a hummingbird.

Dolores- bio pic.jpg

Dolores Chandler, MSW, Social Care Farmer

Dolores is excited to join Raimee and the Blawesome team as a social care farmer after 10 years working as a community educator, youth advocate, and organizer. They are committed to uplifting and supporting the growth and leadership of young people and excited for the opportunity to do so while participating directly in nurturing and cultivating the land. Dolores currently lives in Efland with their dog Tucker and cat, Mona Luna Lovegood. Their favorite flower is a daffoldil. Their Patronus is a weasel.

Lauren Blythe, Social Care Farmer

Lauren is a social care farmer at Blawesome. Lauren has spent the last decade farming and tending to the earth while teaching others the importance of growing and caring for the natural environment.  She believes that farming cultivates a sense of purpose and is excited to grow with Blawesome and share her love of agriculture with Raimee. She believes in building community, living with intention, and finding joy in all aspects of work and life. Every flower is her favorite. Her Patronus is the sea turtle.